Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Overhaul Complete!

I really resonate with minimalism.  Not the stark/bare type but the cozy/clean variety.  I've been working on our home for a while... well, my areas anyway, and I figured it was time to move to the business side of things.

My business card came first (shown in the web header - mobile-version looks better, but also in the next post down from this) and then tonight I was feeling inspired to overhaul the website.  See how the business card looks so clean?  And the 3 words within the card (spiritual . creative . vegan) coincide with pages within the website now.  

The 'creative' page is totally new for us.  Right now it contains things that my hubby, Chris, has made but I hope to soon also add shirts with vegan sayings embroidered on them, in the least.  Fingers crossed that the learning process goes quickly and smoothly!!  

A big thanks to everyone for their constant interest and support.

Be blessed,
Kim. xx

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