Saturday, November 22, 2014

Guest Post!! My Husband's Vegan Story

I am excited to announce my first guest post, my husband!! We get asked all the time to tell our story. I posted the quick version earlier tonight but here is his story...

My story

Yes, I spent over 20 years in the farming industry (mainly dairy) , I was born and raised in it. I also was raised a trapper in my early years and was an avid hunter as well for about 30 years. 
I married a vegetarian 5 years ago, she never forced her views on me just gave insight every now and then. A few years ago I saw a picture of pigs being hauled out of Toronto and people (activists) were giving them water through the holes in the trailer at the Toronto livestock exchange. It was that picture that started it all for me. 
I am a heavy construction worker and I mainly work on the highway 401 (longest highway in Ontario). The same day the picture was taken  there was a bad accident just up from our job site, it was -34c and the traffic was getting backed up to us.
I was running a machine that day and I had the heat cranked and was still bundled up, the traffic had come to a complete stop, I looked beside me on the highway and there way a tractor trailer hauling pigs to Quebec. That was the day I made the connection. These poor animals are being sent to their deaths, it -34 and they are freezing! My heart sank , I told myself that was it and I never looked back.  
My wife, daughter and I are vegan for life. (Vegan since March 1, 2014)
~Chris Mills

Our Vegan Story (short version)

People have often asked for the story of how my family and I went vegan... here is the quick version. 

I ate only fish for 13 yrs and no other flesh when I met and married Chris. He hunted when I met him (about 30 yrs) and (dairy) farmed (for 20 years) before meeting me. 

I was always in awe of vegans but learned more about the reasons to be vegan through my 13 yrs of being one step from vegetarian, where I originally stopped eating flesh because of the hormones and bleach involved. 

Chris stopped eating all flesh,except fish, about 2 yrs ago and all 3 of us have been vegan for 7 mths as of Nov 1st. And will be forever now. For the animals.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

What's new this Fall?

Business continues to change, grow and is now doing well.  I'm excited to announce that I have become an Arbonne Independent Consultant!  This will allow me to reach more people, a wider location range and offer a wider range of products.  I hope you love Arbonne, a vegan and cruelty-free company) as much as I do!

Another addition is house blessings/healings being offered!  I'm SO excited to put my intuitive and Reiki skills to good use.

The web site has been updated accordingly so please take a few minutes to check them out and share if possible.

Thanks! Have a blessed Fall. ~ Kim

Friday, July 11, 2014

Forever Evolving

In business we have to be constantly changing and thinking about change. Innovate, evolve, reinvent to grow.

I spent nearly a year racking my brain on what to do differently. I'm finally happy with the new direction and I wrote about HOW these changes came about in my blog:

You may notice a new look to my website.. New colours, new description and new pages within. They are still (always) a work in progress but they reflect the changes. 

First, I have taken a name that describes what I have done for more than a decade... 'Holistic Lifestyle Facilitator' as I have given advice and direction to many who are on a similar path, for most of my life.  

How do these changes affect my business? I will still offer holistic products but no longer be offering yoga classes. I plan to offer meditation but will also write more eBooks so you can do things at your own convenience, from anywhere in the world. 

Please visit the links above to get a more in depth description of what is offered. 

Be blessed, 
Patchoulimoon-Kim. 💚