Monday, March 20, 2017

New Aspect and New Products

It's an exciting time for the Belanger-Mills household.  I decided that I wanted something fresh within my little business.  A completely new aspect of the business (new from my usual meditation products such as essential oils, meditation beads, singing bowls etc), so hubby bought me a new fancy sewing machine and then a couple weeks later I went out and bought supplies for metal stamping!

Even though I've been taking classes at my local (& fabulous) sewing shop (Pine Ridge Knit and Sew in Trenton, Ontario) there's a lot of practise (and space needed) involved.  Stamping, however, is MUCH quicker and hubby jumped all over it.  I had some ideas but he was a stamping machine this weekend!

Here are some items we hope to have ready for an upcoming vendor show (details also in this blog). This week will be the testing phase and then we hope to be selling them ($3 and up) on Saturday.

Products to show off your passion!
"vegan" | "V" with a leaf/heart | "namaste" | "reiki"

The tags shown above are stamped on aluminum and copper but we also hope to eventually find sterling silver at a reasonable price.  

So, as for the sewing maching... projects I am planning to practise and hopefully soon sell are: polar fleece socks and also t-shirts with vegan-promotion embroidered on them. We hope to attend the Kingson vegan show as a vendor this year!

If you are looking to keep more up to date with products please like my FB page Patchoulimoon WitchyWagon and for blog posts my professional FB page Kim Belanger-Mills

The products we have a hand in creating ourselves is on the 'creative' page and the meditation-related products on the 'spirtual' page.  All products I've brought into my business since March 1st 2014 have been vegan-friendly.

Find us in Belleville on Saturday at the the Healing Light & Wellness Fair 10-4. Along with over 22 vendors, there will be vegan-friendly chili available! I find it SO refreshing that there will be food available for our vegan family and customers.  To find a map, scroll down to my calendar and click on the event.  I can't wait!! 

Foster Ward Community Centre
75 St. Paul St,
Belleville, Ontario.

Brightest Blessings,

Kim ~


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Overhaul Complete!

I really resonate with minimalism.  Not the stark/bare type but the cozy/clean variety.  I've been working on our home for a while... well, my areas anyway, and I figured it was time to move to the business side of things.

My business card came first (shown in the web header - mobile-version looks better, but also in the next post down from this) and then tonight I was feeling inspired to overhaul the website.  See how the business card looks so clean?  And the 3 words within the card (spiritual . creative . vegan) coincide with pages within the website now.  

The 'creative' page is totally new for us.  Right now it contains things that my hubby, Chris, has made but I hope to soon also add shirts with vegan sayings embroidered on them, in the least.  Fingers crossed that the learning process goes quickly and smoothly!!  

A big thanks to everyone for their constant interest and support.

Be blessed,
Kim. xx

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Website updates

It's time for updates! Some pages mat not work for a short time, while I update the pages and look.
Maybe I'm hoping Spring will arrive while I do some Spring cleaning of my online appearance. ;-)
Starting with a fresh, clean and minimalist-style business card....