Monday, September 23, 2013

Yet More BIG Business Decisions!

I've been simplifying, downsizing and de-cluttering for months now. Home, personal life, business.. Whatever I can get my hands on.

In regards to business, the biggest decision has been to close the doors to the Holistic Health Centre and move all the product to our 29' mobile camping trailer. BUT, now there's more. 

I first decided to get rid of our Moneris credit and debit system and the very next day a better solution was placed before me. So, today I decided to go again, this time it's my website going. Between the two of them I will save hundreds of dollars per year. Yay! As soon as I made the decision I started finding better options for that as well. Lucky me! ;-)

Less operational costs = more profit. So, here's the plan: payment options will be cash (who doesn't prefer cash), EMT, and  credit cards will have a 'square reader' which is a free system that only charges per swipe. Now, for the website. THIS will be it. Not only is it free, I can more easily post information AND photos than ever before! Oh-- it's also the same system I use for blogging. Soooo much simpler, cheaper and waaaay easier!!! 

So.. thoughts?? :-D