Wellness is a passion for me.  I've been drawn to it maybe my whole life.  I remember intuitively knowing that the Alberta forest near me was alive when I was a young child. When I was fourteen I stopped drinking pop because I instinctively knew it could be causing my daily sore throats. (It did, so I simply stopped consuming it and ate zip lock bags of raw carrots and celery all day. Imagine that for a high school student! Ha!)

Later came 3 levels of Therapeutic Touch, becoming a Reiki master, essential oils, getting certified in yoga with a specialty in pre and post natal yoga, and then meditation... the list goes on. I started coaching in 2006.

Wellness seems to mean something different to everyone. For me, it means feeling happy and content with most aspects of my life - spiritual, mental, social, physical, peacefulness.

Online Counselling 


Affordable and super convenient is what I've found with BetterHelp!  From personal experience, I can tell you that I speak to my counselor daily and feel supported.  I message her when I feel like it, no appointments to make and no gas to use up.  I no longer have to wait weeks to 'get in' but message the moment I need to. It's truly freeing to have someone always 'on call'.  What do you have to lose? Click to check them out!



Do you want help establishing a regular meditation practise and to feel supported in a main goal? Meditation coaching just might be for you! I do private sessions by arrangement. Contact Kim for further details.


My little 1970 vintage studio trailer has various singing bowls for sale as well as meditation beads.  I've used these items in various yoga and meditation classes and found them highly effective. 

Meditation Beads
Ranging in price
$5 and up

Bowls can be played, like an instrument or rang like a bell.  Meditation beads can be counted or even just used like worry stones.  Using their smooth surface to focus on. 

* Meditation cushions coming soon!

There are two books I can highly recommend for meditation, The Miracle of Mindfulness on kindle or paperback and Peace is Every Step on paperback. 

*Note: This page often contains affiliate links meaning I earn a commission if you use those links (and I thank you for your support!). I only recommend brands/products I use and trust. For more information, see my disclosures HERE.

doTerra Essential Oils 

Need help choosing essential oils?  I can help!

(regularly stocked)

Peppermint $35
Frankincense $118
Lemon $17
Lavender $36
Black Pepper $37
Geranium $46
Tea Tree $32
Cedarwood $22
Ylang Ylang $60
Patchouli $50
Oregano $41
Cassia $32
Arborvitae $37

*Aromatherapy scent ball diffusers and replacement pads also are generally stocked.

Or shop directly from my online essential wellness store HERE.


I highly recommend yoga as a daily practice.  I've been practising yoga since 2000 and taught classes 2006-2014 so I've seen, first hand, that it can do wonders for a person's stress, anxiety and their physical and mental health. Even just 5 minutes each day and night!

I don't teach now but when I want to practise yoga, and don't want to actually do the thinking about which pose to do, I turn to a great app called "Down Dog", which I downloaded to my phone.  You can adjust the time, level and type.  My favourite is restorative.  I hope you will give it a try and let me know if you love it.  


I believe in a raw plant-based diet.  I feel my very best when I rely on hydrating fruit to fuel and heal my body so that is my daily goal.  I'm not perfect but don't strive for perfection, just excellence, starting over with my expectations each day.  I really believe fruitarianism is where it's at and hope to get there one day.  

I've seen results in my skin, weight (lost 25 lbs), a stronger immune system with less contagious illnesses and I had 3 skin tags for years that just fell off all within a short time of each other! Wow, eh??!!

Food Resources

I'm wrote a blog post on articles and videos regarding the raw food diet, recommended recipe books and raw food coaching. Even some recommended follows on Instagram! HERE is the blog post.  I hope many benefit, as I have and as have those who I recommended.  Each have an amazing story and raw life.


Stock and prices subject to change without notice.
Taxes are included.

If you would like to make an appointment to see the products at my Frankford location or for meditation (mostly available during school hours) please email me.  You can also find me at various vendor shows, during the year, in the Quinte area and even check out my calendar at the bottom of THIS page.

Thank you SO much for reading this to the end.  I hope I have inspired you to be your best self. xx ❤