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Kim's Book: available
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I currently have a book on Amazon Kindle. Prenatal Yoga: For Body, Mind and Spirit was originally released in 2010 for my students as an addition to their prenatal yoga classes, taught by me but then updated in 2015 for Kindle to be shared with not just prenatal students but anyone who would like to benefit from hip opening, restorative yoga.

Stitched by Kim

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Child's Skirt

Handmade, ethically made in Frankford, Ontario by Kim/Patchoulimoon.  Using new materials supporting local small businesses.  An original, one-of-a-kind piece for Valentine's Day or all year round. $25 

Length approx 12.5"
Width approx 10" stretched to up to 20"

Kid's Skirt

Handmade/ethically made by Patchoulimoon

Rope Bowls

Various sizes of homemade, ethically made rope bowls. Only new materials used, mostly from local businesses.

Great to hold collections, keys, etc.

#102 XLarge, wht/beige with wooden button $46


#102 inside

# 104 Medium, red/wht with red/black button $29


#105 XXSmall, white w/ contrasting thread $9


#101 Large, white w/ green and gold button $33


#103 XSmall red/wht, floral button $14


#106 Small, wht/green w/ green button $21

Hankies/Reusable Gift Wrap

Can be used as a hanky, a pop of colour in a sweater or purse pocket or to wrap a small gift with pizzazz. $5 ea

Hankies/Gift Wrap
Various fabrics available

Clothing Upcycled/Embellished 

Coming soon..

Embroidered Blankets

#111 & #112 
"Live Love, Meditate"

"Live, Love, Reiki"

Sorry, no custom orders, at this time.

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