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I teach our child the old, "if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all" policy and the same goes here.  Wouldn't the world be a much lovelier place if we all lived by that policy?

Lets looks for ways to build eachother up and be as loving and supportive as possible! Loving ideas and encouragement.  Thanks!

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I think it's every blogger's dream to make a living from her blog/writing. I love to help people be their best self and live joyfully so to those who support me in continuing in that dream... I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤


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Because of the amazing experience I was having with online counselling I just had to pass this amazing experience on to anyone who is open to better mental health.  I became an affiliate in 2018.  Click HERE to visit BetterHelp and make changes in your life, for the better.

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Did something on my webpage or within a blog post pique your interest?  Have questions and want to find out more or have some positive feedback?  Please send me an email

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Instagram is my favourite social media platform and I have two pages. One that shows photos of my passions for raw food, creativity with mostly fabric and simplifying my life HERE and the other shows some items I have for sale in my vintage remodelled camping trailer HERE, which is no longer set up for camping.

My YouTube channel can be found HERE and to find out more about my family's vegan-friendly animal sanctuary (currently at our limit) please click HERE


International Association of Reiki Professionals - Certified Master Teacher

Universal Life Church - Certified Ordained Minister, Pagan 


I recommend the use of natural products to strengthen and support the body not to 'cure' disease.  ONLY a plant-based diet can cure disease. I also only promote vegan-friendly products within this or any company.  We all have the ability to make a difference in the world with compassion and living cruelty-free.

Inside the 'Patchoulimoon Witchy-Wagon'

For 2 years Kim's location was a 29 foot, 1988 Prowler camping trailer! All product and supplies were stored here and pickups were done here. Summer 2015 the large trailer was sold and a new trailer purchased! (Keep scrolling for more photos...) 

A vintage 14 foot, 1970 camping trailer was set for a complete over-haul!! The outside needed re-panting and the inside completely gutting. All the inside components are to be removed such as the kitchen, bathroom and the bunk bed. The trailer is being designed, on the inside, by Kim with only her business in mind.  There will be no camping in THIS trailer! 

Here are the before photos....



Still a great deal to do but as of early August 2015 this is what the outside looks like....

It's adorable - inside and out -  and I want to thank my wonderful husband who made my vision a reality! xoxo